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This page will act as a hub for currently active projects.

All of these are in need of proper names. Once a better name is chosen, the pages will be moved to the new name, and the links updated.

A social media based news site. Let people report on what they have seen, and what they have read. Sure, a lot of it will likely end up being rehashes of what is going on in the media as a whole, but sometimes it is important to simply reword things to make it more understandable and occasionally cut through the BS.
A website that is divided up by state and then city/county to let people track, in a sort of social media sort of way, where to find the cheapest groceries in their area. The concept of state can also apply just as easily to territories, prefectures, etc.
One of our first In Wiki projects. We will put together information on building a community in the real world.